OSHA inspections– We provide the annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly scheduling required to meet OSHA requirements. Our computerized inspection report process allows for a detailed condition of your equipment along with deficiency repair planning. Regularly scheduled and manufacturer requirements helps protect and increase overhead crane safety and reliability.

Parts– Our in depth knowledge and supplier relationships allow prompt results when you need it most. We offer solutions to a wide variety of products & Manufacturers, this will get you operational while maintaining an efficient ordering process that ensures quality products and delivery. Our access to supplier inventories allows us to turn your request into a proposal offer quickly.

24 Hour Service– When you need service after hours, our service allows for direct staff connecting which gives you the immediate technical resource you need. We will promptly access your service condition and offer solutions to minimize your equipment down time.

Small Hoist Repairs– Your smaller lifting devices need repaired, just ship to us and we will handle the rest. Our service for in-house repairs and rebuilds will include operational testing and load testing prior to return shipment and your placement into service. We can also offer pick up service.

Modifications and Upgrades– Today’s product improvements and innovations allows you to bring your equipment to current operational demands. It may be the radio control system for operator safety and efficiency, the inverter (VFD) conversion that offers multiple speed control, minimizes contactor replacements, reduce mechanical stresses on components and allows for precise operator control. Need Anti-Collision devices to prevent accidental crane collision or maintain runway structure capacity? We can offer that solution with cost effective designs.